‘Ambazonia’s ‘General’ Ayekeh Dies Again, ‘Fugitive’ Field Marshal’ Talks Tough

Fontem (National Times)-The death has been reported again of self-styled separatist’ General  Ayekeh of the ‘Red Dragon’ armed militia fame in Lebialem, South West Region of Cameroon over a month after he reportedly died  in another battle against security forces.

News emerged Wednesday May 1st  that Ayekeh fell into the dragnet of  the military   following an operation that started on April 30th.  A source detailed that, Ayekeh was reportedly manhandled to death after security forces overpowered him.

A source told The National Times that, a contingent of security forces cruised through Dschang into Lebialem Division Tuesday. Our source said the controversial second death of Ayekeh could  be the outcome of that operation.

In a video showing the lifeless body of  a man believed  to be  Ayekeh,   voices are heard declaring that,  the next in line  is the leader of the red dragon Oliver Fobenueh Leke aka ‘Field Marshal’.The men overheard speaking  in the video  in the French language are presumed to be soldiers.

The morphology of the lifeless body in this recent video is similar to that which surfaced   at the close of March   this year. The   man seen in both videos  has dreads

At  the  close of March this year, gunmen believed to be separatists’  Red Dragon footmen staged a failed attack on a military base in Ngundeng, Menoua Division, West Region. It was during this operation that Ayekeh’s first controversial death surfaced.

After that incident,  Field Marshal issued an audio in his native dialect contesting Ayekeh’s demise. He however then admitted some losses in the Marh attack.

Weeks after, information surfaced that Ayekeh had  fallen  out with the  separatists’ lord Field Marshall and created  his own group somewhere in the forests of Alou  Sub Division within the same Leibialem Division.

There is also another new audio from  the ‘Red Dragon’s leader Field Marshal in which he claimed was recorded on Tuesday April 30th. Field Marshal in that audio is rather claiming to have inflicted pain on security forces across Lebialem recently.

He then ventures into warning traditional rulers in the area not to dare  participate in the may 20th celebrations. Field Marshal in that audio message makes allusion to the fact that so many things  have happened in a short while. This new video is the first after a while of silence with controversial narratives that, he too has died.



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