DO Seals Cultural Hall For Hosting CRM Meeting

Douala (National Times)-The Divisional Officer for Douala V subdivision, Zacheus Bakoma Elango has sealed the cultural hall of Mtieki in Bepanda for hosting a party meeting of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) of incarcerated Maurice Kamto on April 28, 2019.

According to the sub prefectoral order signed on  April 30, 2019, the cultural hall of the Mtieki people is sealed for the next 90 days. The sanction, according to DO Bakoma is because the cultural centre was transformed into “an illegal meeting for a certain political party.” He argued that the decision is to preserve social peace and public order

Even though the Administrative officer didn’t name the party in question, members of the CRM party confirmed to National Times that the decision was taking after their party held a meeting to install a local branch in the Douala V subdivision.

In recent times, state officials and regime barons have harden their claws on the CRM party with almost every party activity banned or violently suppressed. The decision comes three months after the incarceration of Maurice Kamto and close to 200 party members after the “white march” organized on January 26, 2019 which government claimed was illegal.

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