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Muslim Leader Warns Of Eminent Inter-religious Conflict In Cameroon

Douala (National Times)-A prominent Muslim Leader and Imam of the Camp Bertaud Mosque in Douala, Sheikh Ibrahim Moubarak has warned of a growing tension in Cameroon which may lead to an interreligious conflict.

While speaking to reporters after Thursday’s prayers marking the end of Ramadan fasting and prayers in Douala on Wednesday June 5th, Sheikh Moubarak said Cameroon is gradually moving towards an eminent interreligious conflict.

“There is an eminent conflict in Cameroon which is interreligious,” he said. However, he called on all religious leaders, be it Christians, Muslims as wells as traditional leaders to stand their grounds because the forces of conflicts want to manipulate them and create mayhem in Cameroon.

He also stated that Cameroon is plagued with numerous problems which is making life difficult for the people. He cited the case of the Boko Haram, the war in the North West and South West regions as examples. He also said the fire incident at SONARA has added to the numerous challenges of the nation by crippling the economy by almost 45%.

The Muslim leader said they have used the end of Ramadan fast to ask Allah for peace to reign in Cameroon. His comments comes just few days after communal violence in the Lake Nyos area around Wum in the North West region with scores of Mbororo youths attacking non-Muslims, killing two and wounding five. Several buildings were also destroyed in the process after a prominent Mbororo leader was killed by unidentified armed men a forth night ago.

In next door Nigeria, interreligious conflicts have left thousands of persons killed and the middle belt has become a hotspot. The situation in Wum has raised worries of a similar Nigerian scenario especially as videos emerged showing soldiers sympathizing with irate Mbororo youths as they move to stage a revenge attack.

The Muslim end of Ramadan feast or EID Mubarak  marks the end of 30 days of prayers, fasting and penitence.

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