I Will Not Recall Senators, MPs From Biya’s Parliament, Fru Ndi Tells Ambazonia Fighters

Kumbo (National Times)-Cameroon’s Social Democratic Front (SDF) opposition party national Chairman John Fru Ndi has told   gunmen believed to be separatists’ ambazonia  fighters  that, he will not recall  members of parliament (MPs) and senators on the party’s ticket from the country’s  legislative chambers.

The declaration is the content of a viral video that surfaced at nightfall Saturday 27th showing the SDF chairman in a tough talk with gunmen whose identity are not seen except for voices heard. The gunmen had subtly kidnapped Fru Ndi early that Saturday as he headed a convoy for the entombment of SDF parliamentary group leader late Joseph Banadzem.

In the video, gunmen  are heard stating that, they did not kidnap the chairman. They rather claim he was arrested because he is still working with the Biya regime. While the gunmen made their  claims, Fru Ndi is seen in the video  sipping a bottle of canned drink apparently from the separatists’ fighters.

Later on, the ace politician declared to his abductors without mincing words  that, he cannot  recall the party’s legislators from the National Assembly and the senate.

“ I cannot call them to come back because if they come back, I will not be able to talk to Biya the way I am talking. It gives me the forum to talk…. The parliamentarians and the senators … ok you are talking today Wirba… Wirba…where did Wirba start talking it not in parliament?” Fru Ndi questioned his abductors.

The request for  the SDF national chairman to recall his parliamentarians and Senators  out  of parliament is believed to be the reason why gunmen removed  him out of the funeral convoy claiming they wanted to chat with him.

It is not the first time that pressure is mounting on the SDF to step out of parliament. Yet the party hierarchy has maintained that, the political configuration has a national colouration. The SDF has repeatedly stated its believe  in a federal system of government as the best way out of the current crisis.


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