After Governor, D O Issues Ultimatum On Fleeing State Workers To Return

Ndu (National Times)-Ibrahim Shuahibu, Divisional Officer ( D O) of Ndu Sub Division, Dunga Mantung Division, North West region of Cameroon has ordered state personnel within his administrative unit to regain their duty post or face sanctions latest May 6th.

In a release made public on April 25th, the administrator acknowledges the challenges the people in the area have gone through attributing it to the activities of separatists’ gunmen. He however intimates that, the situation is  over 90 percent under control.

In this light, the administrator   makes bold the fact that, state personnel must answer present at their duty post latest 7:30 AM come May 6th. According to the administrative release, sanctions await defaulters.

Shuahibu’s  decision queues  to a recent decision of North West governor Adolf Lele  L’Afrique  asking all Divisional  Delegates to return to their duty posts else they will be replaced by persons willing to take over their offices.

The momentum of the administrative pressure on state  personnel is viewed  as a move to galvanise  human and material resources towards the May 20th celebrations. Separatists’ threats across the North West and South West Regions have made the celebrations of national days a herculean task for Biya’s administrators.




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