Separatists End Berlin Conference, Promising More Coordination on “Ground-Zero”

Berlin (National Times) – Anglophone separatists leaders and supporters have concluded a short event promising more coordination and support to their interim government.

More than 500 people attended the three-day conference in Berlin the capital of Germany, organized by the separatists’ interim government, headed by Dr Samuel Sako Ikome.

Participants at the conference discussed several issues including addressing the lack of coordination between separatists forces, issues of misappropriation of funds donated by supporters of the group, and change among the top leadership of the interim government.

Participants at the Conference were mostly from groups that support the so-called Interim Government. Most supporters of the so-called Ambazonian Peoples Governing Council, led by Ayaba Cho Lucas did not attend the event.

The government of Cameroon remain opposed these separatists groups, calling on western countries to crackdown on their activities.

At the conclusion of the conference, top groups agreed on a 25 point memorandum, including promises to “ Reaffirms the support of the Interim Government as the legitimate government and representative of the people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia; Strengthens Amba Peace Plan strategy of the Interim Government in each county LGA by LGA; and Proposes a compulsory citizen levy of 10USD every month.”

It is difficult to state exactly how these efforts will stem the rising death tool in Anglophone separatist fighters in the Southwest and Northwest regions.

Importantly, little or no genuine efforts were discussed to engage with the Cameroonian government to end the ongoing crisis. It seems that the gap between the separatists and the Cameroonian government keeps widening.


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