Minister Threatens Repressive Actions On Employers Of Domestic Workers

Yaounde (National Times)-Cameroon’s Labour and Social Security Minister, Gregoire Owona has threatened a repressive response on individuals who employ the services of domestic servants without registering them with the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF).


Speaking at the ‘May 20 Boulevard’ in Yaounde on the occasion of the 133rd  Labour Day celebration,  Owona  frowned at those who employ such services without paying taxes.

He argued that the employment of domestic workers is an economic activity and employers must pay taxes to the state.

The Minister also stated that employers of domestic workers must also pay their social insurance funds so that at retirement the workers would be due pension allowances.


The minister announced that, government gave a three years period of Grace for all employers of domestic servants to regularise their situation with the state but many have failed to do so. He went further to disclose that in the days ahead Labour Inspectors would go to the field to put order in this sector. It is yet to be seen how these measures would be implemented.


Another sensitive point touched by Minister Owona was the Private Security sector and he urged owners of these structures to offer better working conditions to their staff members.

The ceremony continued with march pass from workers of both the private and public sectors with about 400 institutions taking part.

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