Fru Ndi Rejected State Security For Fear Of Clash With ‘Amba Boys’ – SDF Official

Yaounde (National Times)- More revelations continue to emerge in relation to the circumstances surrounding the ‘arrest’ and release of Cameroon’s opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party Chairman, John Fru Ndi by gunmen presumed  to be separatists’ fighters on Saturday April 27th in Bui Division, North West Region.

In the latest of these revelations, SDF Vice President for the Centre Region, Parfait Mvom has declared that the Governor  of the North West Region opted to provide FruNdi with military escort but he rejected it and preferred to go without security.

Speaking to Yaoundé-based media house RTS, Mvom said, Fru Ndi estimated that a military convoy would invite a clash with “Amba Boys” which would lead to more casualties. The party bigwig in the Centre argued that had Chairman accepted to travel with soldiers provided by Governor Lele L’Afrique, the outcome of last weekend’s trip to Kumbo would have been bloody on both sides.

According to Mvom, Fru Ndi’s car and that of the other party officials traveling with him were not bullet proof and any confrontation with the Amba Boys would have seriously affected them. He argued that Fru Ndi opted for a friendly approach with all sides which ensured that the Kumbo episode ended without the shedding of blood from any corner.

Fru Ndi is the highest profiled politician to have fallen into the dragnet of pro-Ambazonia fighters popularly called Amba Boys since the conflict started close to three years ago.

The Saturday event however ended without any loss of life or injury.

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