Cameroon’s Diaspora Is Fighting A Lost Battle- Issa Tchiroma

Yaounde (National Times)-Cameroon’s employment and Vocational Training Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary says, the country’s diaspora is fighting a lost battle in an attempt to distablise the nation. Tchiroma’s observations surfaced Tuesday April 23rd during a press conference he granted in his capacity as chairman of the Cameroon National Salvation Front (CNSF) party in reaction to the recent European Union (EU) parliament’s resolutions on Cameroon’s multiple challenges.

Addressing the press, Tchiroma said, “ the diaspora is fighting a lost battle and no country in the world will give them an open support…. Our unity is an obstacle to war in Cameroon.. Cameroon is a country proud of its history  and people. We will not encourage her  to undermine her sovereignty  or independence”.

The CNSF party chairman said, the “ EU parliament’s  intention is to distabilise Cameroon through the false  accusations. Our party extorts all Cameroonians to ignore the blackmail”. He describes Cameroon as an island of integrity where the rule of  law thrives.

According to the CSFN party leader, president Biya  and his government is encouraged to  “continue to consolidate national unity  and integration”

He declared  that, the CSFN ‘notes with consternation the barbaric acts  on the innocent populations in the North West, South West ,Adamoua  and Far North Regions of Cameroon”.

To the military, the CNFS asserts that “ the party praises the military for the relentless efforts  in securing Cameroon’s national integrity. Their commitment to republican values once again demonstrated in the troubled zones  in the country”. Tchiroma declared.

He appealed to countries such as Nigeria, France, Britain, United States of America  and Russia to assist Cameroon ‘in her quest to stamp out terrorism’.

The minister said, his party   will support government’s efforts to host the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in 2021. He encouraged Cameroonians to register massively on the electoral register ahead of the anticipated elections this year.

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