Ministers, Elite Pray From ‘Exile’ For Peace In NW, SW,

Yaounde (National Times)-A host of members of government and elite of Anglophone extraction ‘trapped’ in Yaounde Cameroon’s political capital converged on the Conference center over the weekend praying for peace to return to the restive North West and South West Regions.

The Minister Delegate at the presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit Rose Mbah Acha Formundam spearheaded the initiative under the guise of ‘North West Women for Peace’. However, the ceremony turned out to witness the presence of elites and members of government from both regions and beyond in attendance.

Top among those present  was former Prime Minister, Philemon Yunji Yang. His successor Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute was equally present at the ceremony.

Though a crow pulling ceremony to ask for God’s hand in protecting Cameroon’s unity  and for peace to return to the Anglophone zones, critics are at odds with the move.

Such argue that, God works miracles through men and when those in the corridors of power instead take to prayers rather than taking actions to speed up the return to normalcy, it may take long for  peace to return.

Women at the ceremony were charged to talk to their children on the virtues of peace and unity. The same calls have been echoed for months for women to talk their children who have taken up arms against the state to disarm and return to living normal lives.

Most ministers and elite of Anglophone extraction who flooded the conference center for the exercise cannot set foot in the North West or South West Region without the aid of the military. Some of them have not been seen around these regions for years.

Elite of high standing such as former Prime Minister Philemon Yang have not been to his native Oku since he was dropped from government. Yang battled during his era to arrest the crisis but it outlived him.

Observers have described the situation of most Anglophone elite in Yaounde as being that of people in exile owing to heightened insecurity in their ancestral land.

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