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President Biya Rescues Muslim Pilgrims With FCFA 1Billion Support Fund

Yaouonde (National Times)-Cameroon’s president Paul Biya has doled out FCFA 1billion to support muslim pilgrims across the country wishing to travel to Mecca for the spiritual journey of hajj.

The announcement which Territorial Administration Minister Paul Nji Atanga made public  Wednesday May 8th   comes  two days after the  Cameroon Union of Islamic Associations, Imams and Pilgrims’ coordinators raised concerns over the increase in the cost of this year’s Hajj.

After the meeting, the muslim  leaders made an appeal seeking support from president Biya. Informing the public of the response from the president of the republic, Minister Atanga Nji in his capacity of the president of the National Hajj Commission said Biya has acted in his usual magnanimity.

Atanga Nji said he “ is pleased  to announce  to the entire  Muslim Community that, the Head of State  H.E president Paul Biya in his legendary and usual magnanimity  has heard their cry and has granted a subsidy of FCFA 1 billion to all aspiring pilgrims”.

A one stop shop Hajj registration counter has been opened to register an estimated 2, 839 pilgrims latest June 7th, 2019. The registration is expected to elapse once the  number reaches the target. Those who had registered  before now have  been instructed to contact their coordinators to get a balance of their money.

Among the worries that sent the  pilgrims  cap-in-hand before the head of state was  an increase of  FCFA 109.000 in Visa   fee,  increase of FCFA 1.75000 in  bus transport service cost and an increase in the exchange rate of the dollar from FCFA 5890 in 2018 to 630 in  2019.

Speaking at the press Conference in Yaounde Wednesday, the aspiring pilgrims showered praises on the head of state. The result of two days in house negotiation and lobbying has seen a drop in their individual expenditure of at least FCFA 30015000 per pilgrim.


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