Drop The Guns For Peace To Reign, Yaounde Arch Bishop Tells Cameroonians

Yaounde(National Times)-The Arch Bishop of the metropolitan catholic Arch Diocese of Yaounde, His Grace Jean Mbarga has urged Cameroonians within and without the country to drop the guns  and ensure a return to peace across the country.

Mbarga  made the appeal Sunday April 21st  as he faced the press on the esplanade of the ‘Our Lady of Victory’ Cathedral  in Yaounde. The Bishop intimated that, what Cameroonians needs  now is peace and nothing else.

Inferring from his ministration during the Easter Sunday service, the man of God  said, Jesus’ death and resurrection was to give peace to mankind. He urged for all parties in the conflict across English-speaking Cameroon to drop their guns  and seek the path of peace for the sake of  human kind.

According to the minister of God, Cameroonians should learn to have concern for one another. He projected the virtue of sharing and taking care of one another for the entire nation to be in peace.

To those in the diaspora, the spiritual leader urged them to join the peace drive. Mbarga appealed for Cameroonians outside the country to contribute in bringing normalcy across the board and not escalating problems in the country.

Besides  Jean Mbarga, his peers across the country equally used their sermons of Easter Sunday praying for the return of peace to Cameroon especially in the North West and South West Regions.

Religious authorities have been vocal in spirit and in the physical for an end to the Anglophone crisis and the Boko Haram incursions in  the Northern Regions but the answer is yet  to come.

In some of the services where these appeals are made, the high and the mighty of the Biya regime  are always present but very little has changed.


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