Akere Muna Blast Bilingualism Commission Over Quest To Ban The Words ‘Anglophone’, ‘Francophone”

Yaoune (National Times)-Cameroon’s acclaimed international lawyer Akere Tabeng Muna has lashed out at the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (NCPBM) for requesting the government to ban the words “Anglophone” and “Francophone” from use in the country.

Taking to his tweeter account late Monday, the Barrister-at-Law argued that a ban on such words would necessitate a withdrawal from organisations such as La Francophonie; something he doubts.

He stated that, the above mentioned words are generally being used to identify the two groups of people and by taking such a stance, the Musonge-led commission is abandoning the substance of the war in Anglophone Cameroon and chasing the shadow.

“It is now a definition universally used to identify these two groups. Here we go again forsaking the substance for the shadow,” Muna wrote.

Last week, members of the Bilingualism Commission met in Yaounde and among the several resolutions arrived at was one urging the government to ban the words “Anglophone” and “Francophone.”

The Commission which was created in early 2017 argues that such moves would foster national unity and living together even though the war rages on.

Observers have always argued that the Commission which is mostly made up of ruling CPDM party members cannot be useful in resolving the Anglophone question. It is to be noted that Akere Muna’s kid sister, Ama Tutu Muna is a member of the Commission.


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