Anglophone Struggle Takes Another Kink, Separatists, Federalists Bury Hatchet, Create Southern Cameroons Liberation Council

USA (National Times)-The quest for the restoration of the Southern Cameroons statehood took another decisive twist on Friday, March 29 to Sunday March 31, 2018, when leaders of the various movement fighting for the independence of Ambazonia converged on Washington DC, USA, and resolved to unit all liberation movements, groups and civil society organisations to give the independence struggle a new impetus and see it materialise.

Despite their various sheds of opinions, the leaders of all the restoration movements viz: , MoRISC, Southern Cameroons National Council(SCNC) Southern Cameroons Civil Society Consortium(SCACSC) the Interim Government(IG),Federation of Southern Cameroons Women’s Organisations( FSCWO), Republic of Ambazonia (RoAN) and African People’s Liberation Movement(APLM),  were unanimous that it is time to bury the hatchet  and form a united front.

In this regards, the leaders of the various factions, be they Separatists and Federalists, created the Southern Cameroons Liberation Council (SCLC) which was empowered to take the struggle to another level.

It was also resolved that “The Southern Cameroons Liberation Council shall be the Permanent Platform on the Southern Cameroons Question. It shall be a consultative body, bringing together leaders of the various frontline Southern Cameroons Liberation Movements, Groups and/or Organisations and their close aides to ensure a smooth coordination of the activities leading to the total liberation of our homeland,” reads a memo issued at the end of the meeting.

The Southern Cameroons Liberation Council is coming several months after the Social Democratic Front’s(SDF) Member of Parliament  for Jakiri Special Constituency, Hon Joseph Wirba, warned leaders of the movement that if they do not unite and speak with one voice like one man, the suffering people of the Southern Cameroons would turn their wrath against them.

The people of the Anglophone Regions of the Northwest and Southwest, who had condemned the conflicting voices of the Southern Cameroons movements’ leaders, have received the news of the putting in place of The Council with enthusiasm and hope that the struggle would now get to its logical end. The enthusiasm is visible through the way they appreciated and shared the development on social media.

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  1. Those people who created the divisions in the first place led to many lives being lost. These folks must step aside. If not, they must be judged like people in LRC that are committing genocide. Some of those names include:
    1. Boh Herbert.
    2. Cho Ayaba (with fake PhD and school dropout).

    Ayaba Cho, the fraudster and double-crosser) must be put on trial. He himself led killers to target other Amba groups in stead of fighting the repressive army under #PaulBiya.

  2. Please give credit for the photo. This was mine, taken during a brief smile by none other than Ebenezer Akuro.
    Actually, he was all smiles during the conference, which FINALLY brought unity to the disparate groups fighting on the ground!!

    God Bless Ambazonia!!

    Please contribute to our refugees in Nigeria and our IDPs on GZ!

    Ambas Bay Refugee Foundation

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