D O Accuses SWECC President Of Putting SW Chiefs At Odds With Governor

Buea (National Times)-Paul Wokam Kouam, Divisional Officer (D O) of Buea Sub Division has written  to Chief Martin Mafany Njie accusing him of trying to put  Chiefs across the South West Region at odds with Governor Okalia Bilai.

In a letter dated May 3rd , 2019, a copy which The National Times stumbled on addressed to Chief Mafany, the administrator  avers that “ I regret to realize that, you are rather actively trying to dubiously  involve the entire body which you now chair of the South West traditional rulers  who were never mentioned at any point whatsoever of this working session”.

Kouam writes that “ such agitation is punishable  both at the administrative, disciplinary  and penal levels especially  in this period of security challenges. Consequently , my letter of observation is   intended to convey to you  my total disapproval  of this malicious , odious  and intriguing attitude as well as firmly caution you against such misconduct”.

The South West Chiefs’ Conference, SWECC which Mafany currently heads as president issued a statement a few days back castigating Governor Okalia Bilai over utterances which they judged demeaning.

Okalia had during an April 25th Regional meeting in preparation for the May 2th celebration declared that, all chiefs will march pass the grandstand holding placards with their subjects following behind. He then during the same meeting threatened to replace all those who have escaped their villages.

SWECC in the statement bearing Chief’s Mafany’s seal rejected the proposal stating that, such was against the tradition and customs of the people of the South West Region.

Yet the  D O in the letter  observes that, Chief Mafany has distorted, misrepresented and blown the Governor’s declarations out of proportion. In the same piece, Mafany is reminded that, he was absent at the preparatory meeting. The D O holds the opinion that, the SWECC statement  issued  by Mafany could help to  demobilize the population and undermine the efforts of the administration to ensure peace and public order.

The letter copied the president Buea Chiefs Conference, Fako SDO and Governor   has triggered another phase of debates in the face of the spiraling reactions since the Governor’s outing. Mafany is Chief of Liongo Village within Buea Sub Division.

Critics have argued that, the D O’s letter could be to  stand in the gap for his superior given the unexpected backlash his declarations have generated across Anglophone Cameroon.

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