Ghastly Road Accident Leaves Three Injured

Yaounde (National Times)-At least three persons are responding to medications at  the St.Joseph Health Center  in Nkolbisson-Yaounde , Cameroon’s political capital after a road crash at sundown Thursday April 26.

The accident happened at about 5pm local time, about two hundred metres from the home of the Government Delegate to the Yaoundé City Council.

Eyewitnesses said the incident occurred when a truck transporting cement overturned and fell on a white car in a desperate attempt to dodge another car which was crossing the road from the other end.

The white car was damaged wrecked beyond repair. Two of its occupants including the driver and a passenger   were injured while three others came out without a scratch on their bodies, according to eyewitness accounts.

The driver of the truck was also injured while the lady of the black car at the centre of the accident came out safe.

“We were standing there, watching them as the rain was falling. That black car was crossing the road without observing critically. The truck was running at high speed, too,” an eyewitness narrated.

“So the truck tried to avoid crushing that black car and the lady driving panicked. Then the truck hit the back of the car and threw it there. The truck later fell on that white car which was coming up from Carrefour Nkolbisson,” Eyewitnesses sustained.

Traffic was perturbed for a while until the police were called in to control the situation.Many people were left stranded with motorbikes being the only quick way out. Fares spiralled  around the area as traffic was disturbed.


In Yaoundé, driving is a matter of force and not the respect of road signs. It becomes worst when it is rainy. Everybody is ready to use every means possible to get home and over speeding takes central stage.

Yesterday’s incident comes barely two days after another truck crushed a young man who had borrowed a motor bike to go buy food at the Mvog-Betsi Market, just a few hundreds of metres away from Nkolbisson.

Still on that same Tuesday, one student was killed and two others injured at College Vogt when a car reportedly tried to overtake a truck, according to eyewitnesses.

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