Ambazonia Fighters Burn Village Inn, Bully Commander Over Embezzlement

Tombel (National Times)-Members of a separatists’ gang  operating  in Tombel Sub Division, South West Region of Cameroon went amok Monday March 25th setting ablaze a local  Inn in the village of Nyasoso in protest of claims that, their commander had embezzled money meant for the group.

The National Times gleaned that, the gunmen burnt the house as a means of getting back at their commander. The property is said to be that of a relative of the self-declared separatists’ commander.

Sources narrate that, the move was initiated after the accused commander failed to account for funds and property in his keeping.

The said separatists’ strong man  controls secessionists’ fighters along the Tombel-Ebonji  road but the new embezzlement allegations is feared to have split the group.

Added to the reports of embezzlement, the arson is said to have been the consequence of acts of denunciation carried out against separatists’ in Nyasoso. A majority of the people in the locality are said to have recently denounced all separatists’ activities putting them at odds with the gunmen. The owner of the local Inn lives beyond the shores of Cameroon.

Separatists’ groups operating in the North West and South West Regions have of recent been making a fortune from the population through targeted kidnappings for ransoms, blackmail, and debt recovery among others.




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