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2018 SW Public Investment Projects still at 15 percent realisation

The evaluation of the first semester of the 2018 Public Investment Projects (PIP) for the South West Region indicates that the Region has recorded a dismal percentage of 15.27 percent, instead of the envisaged 50 percent realisation rate.

The revelation was made on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, in Buea, during the Regional Follow-up Committee meeting on the execution of projects bankrolled by the Public Investment Budget (PIB)
The on-going socio-political crisis in the Region was singled out as the main reason why the Region is faring poorly.

Going by statistics of the realisation rate of projects by the six Divisions of the Southwest Region, Fako with a total of 91 projects has a physical realisation rate of 21.69 percent, Kupe-Muanenguba with 51 project has recorded 21percent in physical realisation, Lebialem which has 52 project has recorded 7.67 percent physical realisation.

Manyu with 64 projects has realised 16.59 percent, Meme Division awarded 69 projects has 9.69 percent realisation rate and Ndian with 75 projects has recorded a dismal 5.36 percent realisation rate.

In her speech, the Vice President of the Regional Committee for the Follow-up of the Public Investment Budget, Agbor Meg, blamed the poor results on the Anglophone Crisis in the Region.

Agbor Meg

She said the Crisis has crippled many aspects of national life and also hampered the realisation rate of the PIB in the Region. She averred that the Crisis has made “contractors timid in tendering for projects in the Region”.

Other peculiarities of the Region such as heavy rains that usually slow down project realisation, the inaccessibility of some areas were also outlined as hindrances to the smooth execution of projects.

The Vice President of the Regional Follow-up Committee of the PIP further revealed that the high unemployment rate among the youths has helped to sustain the Anglophone Crisis. “People with skills are going about without jobs, they are idle and hungry, and since a hungry man is also known to be an angry man, they can disrupt life, just to take control of the situation.”

She told participants that the realisation rate of the PIP in the Region is supposed to be at least 50 percent and appealed on all stakeholders to put hands on deck to boost the realisation rate of the PIP in the Region. “We can make a difference and together, we will,” she asserted.