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Anglophone Crisis: Conflict damaging Biya’s “oil man’s” efforts to increase petrol production

Adolphe Moudiki, who has been at the helm of the state-owned Societe nationale des hydrocarbures (SNH) for 25 years, is struggling to maintain the company's oil output. Oil prices may be recovering but the SNH's June 5 report on its results for the beginning of 2018 show that production (8.22 million barrels between January and late April 2018) stands 15.61% lower than its 2017 levels.

Cameroon Tribune use proposed humanitarian assistance plan to adore Biya

While the humanitarian relief funds are still to be raised and distributed, Cameroon Tribune has used the announcement of the promised relief funds to adore President Biya, describing the plan as a “gift” from a “humanists” and “law-abiding” President Paul Biya to the Anglophones. Seven of the papers 9 top stories on 21 June 2018 are rosy stories of the humanitarian plan.