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Constitutional Council members begin probing into petitions

Members of the Constitutional Council have begun scrutinising petitions from some 10 Presidential aspirants, whose files were rejected by Cameroon’s Election management Body (ELECAM).

The exercise began after the publication of the list of Presidential candidates by Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

The aggrieved parties tabled their petitions within the 48-hour deadline according to article 129 of the Electoral Code.

Members of the Constitutional Council

Most of the 18 files of the Presidential candidates discarded by ELECAM were hinged on the non-payment or late payment of the FCFA 30 million caution fee provided for by the law.

Article 124 of the Electoral Code obliges every Presidential candidate to pay a caution fee of FCFA 30 million.  One of the candidates, His Majesty Aboubakar Kalmadine, says he is seizing the Constitutional Council because the Littoral Regional Office of ELECAM sent his file to the head office in Yaounde late.

Another file that ELECAM rejected on grounds of non-payment of caution fee is that of the candidate of the Union for Fraternity and Prosperity (UFP), Prof. Oliver Bile.

Bile is urging the Constitutional Council to give him an opportunity to prove that he paid the FCFA 30 million into the State treasury by presenting a receipt. But ELECAM officials argue that Bile paid the money after the July 19, 2018 deadline.

Another petitioner, Kum AneIhims, of the Biya party, is calling on the Council to reject the candidature of the CPDM candidate cum incumbent President, Paul Biya. He claims that there is a mix up in the order of his names that contravene the law.

Kum says there is confusion as to whether the name of the incumbent President is Biya Paul or Paul Biya. He urges the Council to reject Biya’s candidacy if there is no certificate of individuality in his file.

One of the candidates that equally call for the disqualification of Biya’s candidacy is Leopold Steves Ndjoumou of the Union for the Economic Reform of Cameroon.

In another petition, the candidate prays the Constitution Council to reverse the rejection of his file by ELECAM. ELECAM rejected his files on claims that he did not pay the caution fees and did not provide 300 signatures as required by the law.

The Constitutional Council is equally studying the files of two independent candidates. They are: Genevieve Zeh Amvene and Gaban Midanha. Another candidate seeking for justice is Rev. Bertin Kisob of the Cameroon Party for Social Justice. He is the lone aspirant who filed his candidature from prison.

He is being detained in Kondengui Prison in connection with the ongoing Anglophone Crisis. The electoral law imposes a deadline of 10 days, beginning from the tabling of the petitions, on the Council to rule on all the files.


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