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Tension hit Malende-Kumba on ghost town day again

Malende, a village in the outskirts of Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon remained ensnared in uncertainty after tension ripped through it following a security raid in the early hours of Monday, August 13.

Security forces are said to have stormed the locality at dawn. Though no one could make out the mission of the forces, it is believed that it falls in line with recurrent military patrols instituted within the context of the Anglophone Crisis to pin down separatist incursions.

Deserted Malende village 1

The National Times could not independently confirm reports of a handful of villagers bundled under a tree and forced to hold the National Flag of Cameroon at gunpoint.

Malende is next to a Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) Rubber Factory at Mukonje Rubber Estate that has come under attack recently. Work at the said Camp has been greatly disturbed. Reports of farmers equally being trashed on their farm have increasingly gained space in public discourse. These are said to be at the instance of unknown gunmen presumed to be separatists Ambazonia Fighters.

It is one of the localities which former Kumba III Divisional Officer(DO) Jude Ewane Mbonge visited repeatedly preaching the need to respect State institutions and send children back to school. Utterances equally filtered during such visits dissuading youngsters from falling prey to joining the separatists.

Malende, a Balong village is the ancestral home of Mayor John Kona Makia of Kumba III Council and Chief Peter Esambi Ngoh II. Both traditional ruler and Mayor do not reside in the village. Before now, they would make recurrent visits to the area until insecurity threatened such moves.

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