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Why you should be offended with the military’s babaric execution of two children in the Far North

The conscience of Cameroon is rising faster than at any time, after a video wafted online, showing Cameroonian soldiers killing two women and children in Krawa-Mafa in the Far North. They were shot in their heads by the Nation’s defence forces laying 12.45 inches from each other. Blood from the children’s head flew like nothing the country has seen since the 36 years rule of the current president began when the northerner handed power over to Biya.

Here are three reasons why our conscience should rise even faster, why we should all be deeply offended by this particular barbarity.

L’Oeil du Sahel has provided more information about the incident. According to the paper, the video circulating on social media, exposing the execution of the two women and their children by military in the Far North region was taken in April 2014 in Krawa-Mafa, a village in Mayo-Tsanaga.

Although the paper does not tell us much about the children, it tells us the names of the two women, the first woman (in red) Zoumtegui Ndomoko and the second, Kelou Manatsad. It even tells us where they were buried. At the foot of Mt “vizi kokor vegebi”.

Even in a country where military brutality no longer surprises many, especially after what has happened in the Northwest and Southwest regions, this video should pump a radical and sympathetic soul into every Cameroonian.

First, the children were killed on their mothers backs. On the backs of the women who bore these children as foetus for ten months or more. Not giving up on them from the get-go. Women who sat with them from the initial cry, to the cry over maybe a bowl of rice, from the first word to the first day of the school, if they ever went to school. They were shot and killed on the backs of the women who were by these children from the first time they laughed, to the first time they cried, and swear to never let them go. Our military men killed these children on their mothers backs.

Besides, we do not know anything about these children. Don’t you look into their innocent and kind eyes and want to know their names? Hey…you, yes you gorgeous. Your name. Yes you about to be executed for something you know nothing about, you, your name. Who are you?

Why won’t anybody tell us something about these children? Did they ever shout, that is mine! That is mine! That is mine! Even though on their last day, they won’t be able to say, that is mine, that is mine…my life. Instead they kept quiet. Observing. Keenly. Full of trust and love. Then bang! Bang! Bang! Their mother and their lives were taken away from them.

Our soldiers and our own ministers committed these crimes against these children. The Cameroonian army has sought to subdue with a show of power as an opening tactic, the right display of might could save them the bother of going into actual conflicts. So many battles have been won with impressive display of extrajudicial killings. The more they won the further their reputation spread, the more men are killed without judgement and voice. Those that fight they wiped off the face of the map save a few to spread the tale onwards.

What did these children do? What are their names?


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