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Syndy Emade’s pregnancy pictures spark debate on social media

The most famous face in Cameroon’s Movie Industry, Syndy Emade, has ignited a social media debate with pictures of her baby boom.

The actress posted the pictures on Saturday August 18, 2018, and within hours over 1,665 viewers had already commented.

Syndy Emade

The multi-talented Actress, Director and Movie Producer, has sparked massive debate online after sharing adorable pictures of her baby boom.

The Producer of the famous movie “A Man for the Weekend” who has also starred in so many movies both at home and in Nollywood, sparked controversy online when she shared pictures of her pregnancy.

Fans and critics have taken to social media to punch at the star for being a bad influence to many youths who look up to her.

Many say it was disgraceful for the actress to publicly display pictures of a pregnancy she got when she is not married and says the regrettable move sends a wrong signal to many young girls who have taken her as their role model.

Others were quick to remind the Cameroonian beauty about her African roots where marriage before child bearing is core to the fundamental values they share.

However, her supporters on the other hand wasted no time to fire back, saying it’s better to keep the child than to abort the innocent baby simply because she got pregnant without being married to a man.

Other question on which statutes is it written that a girl must get marry before being pregnant? They urged detractors of the celebrity to mind their business because Emade is more than capable of providing for her child even without a father.

The controversy has been rocking social media for almost a week now ever since her first pictures were released on August 18, 2018.

But who is the father of Syndy Emade’s child? The question keeps lingering on every lip. The National Times news has been reliably informed that the father of her child is of uttermost secrets to her, but people are already speculating that the lead male actor in her movie, A Man for the Weekend may be the secret prince.

Syndy Emade, born Elone Synthia Emade on November 21, 1993, is a Cameroonian Actress, model and a Movie Producer. She is the brand ambassador of InstaVoice Celeb and owner of Blue Rain Entertainment.

She has produced many movies among which are: A Man for the Weekend and Rose on The Grave. She made her international career debut in the Nigerian Movie Industry (Nollywood) in 2016, in the movie “Why I Hate Sunshine” In 2017, she was listed second most active Cameroonian address by an online movie streaming channel Njoka TV for Africa Entertainment. She was awarded as best Cameroon actress in Scoos Academy Award 2017.

Emade won the 2014 edition of Cameroon Miss Heritage Award and she is anxiously waiting to welcome her first child.

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