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Wildlife officials arrest 6 persons, seize 700 kilogram of Pangolin scales

Wildlife officials in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala have arrested six persons in possession of 700 kilogram of Pangolin scales as they attempted negotiating an export route through Nigeria to Asia.

The country’s Minister of Forestry and Wild Life, Jules Doret Ndongo, in a release dated Wednesday, August 22 announced that the culprits were apprehended four days earlier.

wildlife officials and poachers

Ndongo in his release maintains that those behind bars will be handed to the competent judiciary services to be tried in line with the country’s Wildlife Law.

Pangolin commonly known in the local pidgin parlance in Cameroon as ‘Catarrh Beef’ is regarded as endangered species under the country’s wildlife legislation.

Among the six persons captured in the business are five Cameroonians and a national of the neighbouring Central African Republic (CAR).

Pangolin scales enjoy a huge demand across the Asian continent. This has made those who hunt the animal to dream of a fortune out of its sale.

A kilogram of Pangolin scales is reported to cost as much as FCFA 55,000 on the Asian market.
Activists have continued to crusade for stringent measures on the global scene to stop the sophisticated network promoting trade in endangered animals.

Proponents of this school of thought argue that if the countries of demand are not involved in the crusade to protect endangered species, the trade will continue to thrive.

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