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Kamto to compensate bird flu victims if voted President

Professor Maurice Kamto, candidate of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement(CRM) party at Sunday’s Presidential election says he would compensate victims of bird flu in the country if voted into office as President of the Republic.

The promise is the highpoint of a message which the university don turned politician dished out to thousands who show up at his rally in Dschang, West Region on October 3.

Addressing the population, Kamto stated unequivocally that voting for him will result in help for those who lost millions through the bird flu. 

Kamto’s message is viewed as being directed to a Region known to be the bastian of poultry farming in Cameroon. Pundits see the CRM candidate’s message as being targeted to woo the thousands of people who are earning a living through this industry.

Despite the heavy rains that fell at the time the campaign rally was underway, Kamto and his supporters remained defiant chanting songs of victory and promising to vote on Sunday October 7.

In March 2017, the West Region suffered huge losses following a third outbreak of bird flu under 12 months. In that month alone, at least 25,000 chickens were destroyed after the H5N1 virus that cause bird flu was discovered in the poultry farms of two major dealers.

On the 17 of that month, West Regional Governor, Augustine Awa Fonka, signed a decision proscribing the sale and transportation of poultry products.

In May 2016, dealers in the sector announced losses amounting to FCFA 16 billion following a similar outbreak of bird flu.

Some of these business people who borrow money to start up the poultry committed suicide following the pressure from their creditors.

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