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Kenya Airways to add Libreville as extra stop on Nairobi-Yaounde route

Kenya Airways has announced its customers that it will be adding Libreville as extra stop on Nairobi-Yaounde route.

The change will come into effect on 29 October this year.  Flights from Nairobi to Yaounde now operated with Embraer E190 aircraft  5 times a week will fly from Nairobi-Douala-Yaounde and then to Libreville in Gabon.

It is not clear why the changes were made, but low traffic and high cost of operations is a possible explanation. With Gabon registering one of the fastest growth rates in passengers records in the central African region, it is possible that this addition will reduce ticket prices for passengers and increase Kenya Airways revenue.

The decision by Kenya Airways will also affect Cameroon’s state-owned flight operator CAMAIR which operates direct flight between Douala and Libreville. CAMAIR can expect to see a fall in their number of passengers.




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