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Presidential tug-of-war begins between Kamto, Biya 24 hours after voting

Preliminary trends and public debate 24 hours after Cameroonians cast their ballot for the country’s new President, indicate that candidates Maurice Kamto of the CRM party and Paul Biya of the CPDM are leading in the polls.

The CRM and CPDM parties however, have to wait for the Constitutional Council to announce the official results in two weeks from now in line with the provisions of the Electoral Code.

Both candidates are likely harbouring hope of becoming the President of the Republic. Others who entered the race such as Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) and Cabral Libii of the Universe party might be in for shocks.

Osih, Cabral and candidate Akere Muna alongside Kamto and Biya were those expected to make in routes into the hearts of voters.

At the moment, exit polls indicate a somewhat dwindling fortune for the SDF and other opposition candidates, who failed to enter a coalition despite public opinion on the issue.

In the face of the growing anxiety to get results of Sunday’s vote, State authorities have been calming nerves, calling on Cameroonians to wait on competent state institutions to proclaim the results.

Already, observers are predicting an overhaul in Cameroon’s political set up once the result will be proclaimed. Some major parties are expected to lose their leading opposition positions to others with rising popularity.

At the moment, no one knows the reaction across the board if a Biya victory is announced in a fortnight. It will be also be a milestone in Cameroon’s democracy if Kamto is finally proclaimed winner. The best-case scenario, elections expert hold, is for all the candidates in the elections to respect the outcome of the results for peace to reign in a country already facing multiple security threats.

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