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Transparency International accuses Cameroon Gov’t of impersonation

The global anti-corruption watchdog, Transparency International, has stated that it did not dispatch election observers to Cameroon to monitor the October 7 Presidential election.

The news was made known on the organisation’s website on Tuesday, October 9. “We have not sent any international election observation mission to Cameroon. Our local chapter in Cameroon has established a reporting mechanism for use by the general public and worked with a network of citizens to report possible irregularities to the chapter,” the statement read.

Transparency International further accused the Government of Cameroon for impersonation. “A deliberate attempt to impersonate Transparency International or knowingly portray individuals as employees of the anti-corruption watchdog is completely unacceptable,” the organisation says.

According to the statement, Transparency International was surprised to see some individuals appearing on State television and radio, CRTV as observers from the organisation.

A certain Nurit Greenger who spoke to the CRTV on behalf of the anti-corruption watchdog declared that the Cameroon Presidential election was free and fair and that candidates should wait for the official results.

When The National Times News did a quick check on her identity, it was discovered that Nurit Greenger is an Israeli Journalist working with the Jerusalem Post and with no link with Transparency International

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