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Troops kill epilepsy patient accused of preparing charms for “Amba Boys”

Irate soldiers have killed a popular epilepsy patient in the village of Bafia-Muyuka, South West Region of Cameroon over accusations that he looks like a charm maker for the separatists’ fighters popularly known as ‘Amba Boys’.

The deceased popularly known in the locality as ‘Tara’ crumbled under military artillery recently as the security forces headed for a mission to the neighbouring village of Munyenge.

Tara is known to have suffered from epilepsy for years and had developed kyphosis popularly known as ‘hunchback’. The exaggerated curve on ‘Tara’s back is what left the soldiers to conclude that, he was a charm maker for the separatists.

Villagers told The National Times that the soldiers hit the suspected charm maker severally with their gun. Thereafter, they opened fire on him.

Witnesses say they watched from a distance in hiding as the soldiers conducted the act.

The inhabitants said over an hour after the soldiers left, they moved closer to the corpse of the deceased and saw his intestines outside.

Locals used a mattress to bury the decrease in their family compound.

The villagers said they had warned the epilepsy patient to escape alongside other villagers, but he denied claiming he had no problem with the security forces.

He is known to have earned a living from retailing kola nuts and picking cocoa beans around the village to resell to licensed buying agents.

In the same locality, the security forces also killed a nurse who had developed a mental problem. The man whose only name we got as Jacob was shot and killed as he trekked between the villages of Ikata and Bafia.

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