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Ritual killings confession throws Bafia into pandemonium

A man in the locality of Bafia-Muyuka, South West Region of Cameroon, whose names we are withholding for security reasons has confessed to killings for ritual purposes after soldiers set his home ablaze and burning his charms in the process.

The incident unfolded days after the security forces stormed the locality setting at least 50 homes on fire as the crusade against separatists’ fighters took a different twist.

Reports hold that days after the military raid, the man took ill. The man’s body parts started swelling, forcing him to confess due to the pains he is going through.

Locals told The National Times that the man who lies abandoned to himself confessed to have killed at least 10 persons.

Most of the killings mentioned are known to have happened within the context of the Anglophone Crisis.

Among the killings, the man quoted as having cited the case of one of his children who was burnt in a house. The mysterious shooting of his sister’s child in Muyuka among other family friends, who died recently featured in the confession.

Inhabitants of the separatists-infested village said, when the symptoms of the illness started, many thought that the business man and farmer was suffering from the shock of his house that was burnt.

Until when he mentioned that his charms had been burnt alongside the house, no one ever imagined that the suspect could do such.

Among the persons whom the man mentioned in is confessions are his tribe’s men, friends, children and grandchildren.

All these have died under questionable circumstances. Most of the cases went unquestioned given that they occurred within the context of the Anglophone Crisis.

The now pot- belly farmer is of the Ikweri-Banyang(Bassa) tribe from Njikwa, North West Region of Cameroon. He has lived a greater part of his life in the South West and was married to two women.

Bafia is a cosmopolitan village with people from all corners of Cameroon. A few years back, some men were banished out of the locality for reportedly belonging to a cult.

The traditional ruler of the village, Chief Peter Mbua, had long escaped in the early days of the current crisis after gunmen suspended him and instituted separatists’ rule in his chiefdom.


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