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Buea bike riders beg Gov’t to forgive them, uplift ban on their activities

Buea(National Times)-Commercial bike riders in the Buea municipality, South West Region of Cameroon have pleaded with the Municipal and Administrative authorities to forgive them and revert the ban on the circulation of motor bikes in the municipality.

Their request is contained in a letter dated Wednesday October 31, 21018, addressed to the Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge and the Divisional Officers of Buea, Paul Kouam Wokam.

In the letter the bikers lamented on how life has become very difficult for them and their families since the authorities banned the circulation of motorbikes in the Buea .

In the letter, the bikers acknowledged in good fate that the reasons for the temporal ban by the authorities were genuine given the security challenges at that time, but urged the authorities to reconsider their decision.

“We understand that the decision was because of the security challenges at that time. But everything is getting back to normal; we pray that the authorities allow us to continue working. We have been at home since the ban and we cannot feed our families, our children cannot go back to school”, the letter reads in parts.

In the letter, the bike riders have assured the authorities that they will collaborate with the security forces to ensure law and order in the municipality.

“We promise to respect the laws and work in collaboration with the authorities whenever need be”, the letter reads.

It is worth mentioning that for over three months, bikers in the Buea municipality had not been working following a temporal ban on motorbikes circulation in the month of July, 2018 by the Mayor of Buea Council.

Mayor Ekema banned the circulation of motorbikes in Buea because the authorities believed that the pro-independence fighters were infiltrating the town using motorbikes to wreck havoc.

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