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Maurice Kamto wants October 7 Presidential election votes recounted

Yaounde(National Times)-The flag bearer of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) Maurice Kamto, has demanded for an independent firm to recount last month’s Presidential election ballots.

In an online video on Friday, October 2, 2018, the leader of the CRM party urged the international community to assume its responsibilities by recounting the votes.  

He called for an independent, international committee accepted by all sides to carry out the recount and vowed to abide by its conclusions.

Maurice Kamto insisted that the count and subsequent proclamation of results by the Constitutional Council was marred by massive fraud and that the Constitutional Council’s decision to declare Biya the victor was completely at odds with the true results.

He equally called on other opposition leaders to join his campaign.

“We will never accept the results proclaimed by a biased Constitutional Council,” he said in the online video.

Kamto, according to official results, came second with 14.23 percent of the vote behind incumbent Paul Biya.

It should be noted that Maurice Kamto, who had claimed victory 24 hours after election, has been termed as a “dissedent ” by the Government.

Paul Biya who won last month presidential polls with 71.28 percent is due to be sworn in on Tuesday.

By Primus Beng 


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