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Paul Biya resurfaces in Yaoundé ahead of his swearing-in ceremony

Yaoundé (National Times)-It was at about 6:00pm on Sunday, November 4, 2018, when Paul Biya and wife, Chantal on board the heavily guarded Presidential convoy made their entry into Yaoundé from the President’s village, M’vomeka, Dja et Lobo Division of the South Region.

Residents around the Odza and Mvan neighbourhood through which the convoy cruised, realised an abnormal movement as early as 5:00pm when the roads were blocked while imposing security officers from the Presidential guard took up positions.

It lasted like that until the President’s limousine, sandwiched between two other cars drove on top speed into Yaoundé just before nightfall.

While the roads were blocked, pedestrian movements were also prohibited as everybody had to stand still until the Presidential convoy sailed through.

One woman told The National Times News that she has been waiting for about an hour just for the roads to be cleared for her to continue her trip. Ironically, in her vexation she was still putting on the campaign T-Shirt of candidate Biya with the inscription, “The force of experience.”

When we told her that the road block is also the force of experience she hissed in disappointed.

The President, who has been out of town for a while now, was making his entry as preparations for his swearing in ceremony are being finalised at all levels. The National Assembly where the ceremony would take place has been renovated, while a CRTV van has already been stationed for the live broadcast of the event while security men can be seen round the clock in the area.

It is alleged that Paul Biya, who is fast advanced in age spends most of his time either in his village where he has built a palatial residence or at the intercontinental hotel in Swiss, where some say, he rules Cameroon from.

Between 2008 and 2017, Paul Biya has spent about 536 days abroad most often in the core of the intercontinental hotel.

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