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Leave or face demolition, Douala Gov’t Delegate tells occupants of Council land

Douala (National Times)-Dr. Fritz Ntone Ntone, Government Delegate to the Douala City Council, Littoral Region of Cameroon has asked occupants of Council land in Bonandele, Douala IV municipality to vacate or face demolition as the collectivity looks forward to using the land.

The municipal authority issued the order over the weekend as he went visiting the area to consult local traditional authorities and discussed with the population living on the said piece of land.

Ntoene Ntone told the occupants that they have until mid-2019 to vacate the said piece of land peacefully. He disclosed that, the Council will be forced to demolish the houses if the occupants fail to park out

Findings from the field mission reveal that the occupants bought the land from local traditional authorities. The Government Delegate said the land belongs to the City Council and it is about time the occupants leave.

The municipal authority holds that the land falls within an industrial zone in the city.  The medic turned politician asserted that the Douala City Council wants to make use of the land reason the occupants have been asked to vacate the zone.

In April 2017, Ntone Ntone unveiled the Douala Metropolitan Investment Scheme known by its French acronym (SMID). The goal of the scheme is to mobilise funds from the public through the sale of shares to finance major projects across the city.

The scheme targets over FCFA 1.400 billion in the next 10 years to give the city a facelift. In the first phase of the project launched in September 2018, the Council raised FCFA 5.4 billion out of a target of FCFA 10 billion to kick start the ambitious development scheme.

Observers say it could be the Council intends to start making use of such funds on public investment projects that explains why it is embarking on reclaiming its parcels of land.

Many people fear that the locals are spoiling for confrontation with Council given the huge investment most of them have made in the area.


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