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Biya’s Unity Palace Road, Alma Mater given facelift ahead of swearing-in ceremony

Yaoundé (National Times)-One of the major roads used by Paul Biya in his entire life has received a coat of tar as well as his Alma mater, General Leclerc High School as preparations for the swearing-in ceremony on November 6 are being finalised.

The road which goes from the Presidential Palace through the Bastos Roundabout, Warda, Prime Minister’s Roundabout, the Central Post Office, the Military Hospital and headquarters and ends at the National Assembly has been systematically renovated to give the President the impression that Cameroon in its diversity is reflected in the beauty of the road.

Painted Leclerc College gate

All corners of the road have been painted, street lightening reinforced, and road signs upgraded. Just at the end of the road is Paul Biya’s Alma mater, General Leclerc High School, which has also received a fresh coat of tar.

However, politicians have carefully limited the expenditure by focusing only on the main entrance of the school and the wall directly opposite the National Assembly where Paul Biya would be sworn in. This is to give Paul Biya the impression that his Alma mater is still reigning in glory as was the case in the past. However, the school like all other public schools in Yaoundé is fast deteriorating with age.

Meanwhile, the long fence covering hundreds of meters has systematically been abandoned to its old self. It was the same scenario in November 2011 when Paul Biya was being sworn in at the same place. The school has now become used to a new coat of paint at one of its angles every seven years. The inner part of the school was not touch at all.

Other buildings along the road have also received a fresh coat of paint making it look like a real glorious Cameroon and workers of the Hygiene and Sanitation Company of Cameroon (HYSACAM) are working round the clock so that a litter of dirt does not find a domicile around that itinerary.

Paul Biya uses this stretch of road once every seven years when his mandate is being renewed. Another stretch of road used by the President is that which leads to the Yaoundé Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, which he uses once every year to preside over the end of the sporting season and the finals of the football cup of Cameroon. The most used is that which goes through the Central Post Office, Mvog Mbi, Mvan Roundabout, Odza and the Nsimalen Airport for his international trips. The same road is used for his village with a deviation just around the Airport Roundabout which leads to the South Region, the home of the President.


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