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Principal abducted after attack on school kids

Kumba(National Times)-The abduction has been reported of the principal of a private secondary in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon one day after gunmen walleyed students within certain neighbourhoods in the city early Tuesday.

The National Times gleaned that, Terence Wandji Nguemako, Principal of the defunct Bilingual Academy of Arts and Science  Kumba (BAASK) went missing from his Fiango home early Wednesday..

Why the former BAASK principal has been kidnapped remains unclear. Wandji is a household name within the education sector across the trouble-hit Meme Division. His current portfolio within the education family was unknown after Catholics bought over the college.

Authorities of the catholic diocese of Kumba, are said to have reached an agreement with the former management to take over the institution. The population remains in awe waiting to hear from the abductors if the teacher will be released like others or not.

The National Times could not independently confirm reports that, Wandji had become part of another institution wherein classes had reportedly rumbled off.

Early yesterday, gunmen attacked at least three kids in the New Layout neighbourhood of Kumba. The children are feared to have been abducted to the unknown. One day after, no parent has complained of a missing kid. The administration and education stakeholders have remained silent in the face of the development.

Before now, authorities of Cameroon’s secondary and basic education ministries had banned their subordinates from press statements since the current crisis turned deadly.

Separatists’ elements have been resolute to ensure a complete school boycott across the North West and South Regions.


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