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Varsity don lambasts Tchiroma over Mimi Mefo’s incarceration utterances

Buea(National Times)- “The Communication Minister’s interview on the State media last night on Mimi Mefo’s case is not only useless, but it is baseless.”

These were the words of a Varsity don and Professor of Political Science in the University Buea, who spoke to The National Times on condition of anonymity.

The Varsity don was reacting to an interview the Minister of Communication and Government Spokesperson granted to CRTV regarding the arrest and subsequent detention of Mimi Mefo at the New Bell Prison.

According to the Political Scientist, Tchiroma has aggravated the socio-political Crisis in the Anglophone Regions by trying to justify the reason why the vibrant, intelligent and daring female journalist, blogger and activist was arrested and dragged to the New Bell Prison.

Below are some excerpts gotten from the Minister’s official statement on the case.

“Despite the evidence that has just been presented, Mrs Mimi Mefo Takombo, presented as journalist working in the audio visual media Equinox group, stated in one of her posts dated October, 30,  2018 at the address mim237@mimimefo237-2j, that the American missionary was killed by the Cameroonian army”.

“As we can therefore see the words of Mrs Mimi Mefo Takombo, who in addition to altering the reality of the facts and spreading manifest untruth, do not fail to bring our defense forces into disrepute which is highly detrimental to moral of the troops while they are engaged in a loyal and legal fight against criminal hordes with secessionist agenda”.

Meanwhile, the academia said: “I cannot recount how many times the Minister has given false news or information about international happenings in the country, but he was never reprimanded for it. The most recent is the case of the soldiers who molested women and children in Northern Region of the country. When the video went viral on the social media and attracted a lot of comments from human rights activists, foreign bodies and the masses, the Minister in a press conference categorically denied the fact that those soldiers were from Cameroon. But after a series of investigations carried out by international media, and human rights organisations, it was proven that the soldiers were indeed from Cameroon. Why was he not incarcerated?or better still, dismissed for disseminating false information? This is just one out of a thousands lies the Minister of Communication has disseminated in Cameroon and he has always walked away freely . It is only in a lawless country like Cameroon that things like this will takes place,” the political scientist added.

The arrest of Mimi has come to confirm the alarm she raised few months ago that she was being witch-hunted.

Meanwhile, Barrister Tamfu Richard, one of Mimi Mefo’s lawyers, said the Editor-in-Chief of the English Desk at Equinoxe was questioned for several hours from 2:00pm to 7:00pm at the National Gendarmerie Legion of the Littoral.

He said they are accusing his client of publishing and propagating information that infringes on the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cameroon.







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