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Attempt To Suspend Ghost Towns Backfires As ‘Ambazonia Diaspora’ Fight For Authority

Buea (National Times)-Conflict of authority over who calls the shots in the separatists’ movement that has dealt a severe blow to daily living in Cameroon’s two English-speaking Regions for over two years and still counting has frustrated calls for the suspension of Monday ghost towns for the month of December.

Deserted Streets

Mixed narratives on the subject matter and continuous acts of arson last week made no meaning of the calls for the suspension of the civil disobedience.

The deserted streets across much of the two Regions last Monday was akin to when the Government battled to cripple the ‘ghost’ and ensure a return of activities to normalcy unsuccessfully.

The Government grappled with the ghost towns using varied methods which have till date not produced any results.

Today, it is the same fate that is befalling the separatist activists.  While all of them claim to have influence over the direction and pulse of the ghost, the unchanging atmosphere of last week showed that fear of the unknown had become part of the daily experiences of the population trapped in the Anglophone War.

Most of the people The National Times interviewed said they are in support of the intention to suppress the ghost town operations for a while, but cannot tell who is in control of the situation. Our interviewees cited the fear of the unknown as the reason why they stayed home last Monday despite the announced suspension of the ‘ghost’.

Besides, the wrangling among Diaspora activists over the rationale to put a temporary halt to the ghost, renewed gun battles and acts of arson on major economic road corridors such as the Kumba-Douala axis rather heightened fear among the local population.

The debate to suspend the act of civil disobedience surfaced last week. Then Christopher Anu, Communication Secretary of the Ambazonia Interim Government, issued a video justifying the suspension of the ghost towns on a request from separatist fighters on ground.

Anu’s provoked a wave of reactions with some of his peers clamouring for an ‘Ambazonia’ State, accusing him of having engaged in talks with the Cameroon Government to frustrate the separatists’ movement.

Chris Anu

Since then, the pace at which activists are deriding one another has rather heightened.

Multiple factions are cropping up everyday claiming to have the panacea to hand a new State to the people of the North West and South West Regions soonest, but the reality speaks of a people trapped in misery.


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