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Tanzania’s President Spies on His Ministers and other Top Government Officials’ Phones

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has told his Minister and top other government officials that he monitors the phone conversations of his government appointees and urged them to improve their working relations.

Magufuli who has become famous for his, anti-corruption and no-nonsense management style, made the disclosure during a swearing in ceremony of new appointment ministers.

He said that to some extent, his recent decision to move Dr Zainab Chaula to the Ministry of Health as permanent secretary from the Local Government ministry where she was a deputy Permanent Secretary was informed by his tracking of conversations between her and the Health minister Ms Ummy Mwalimu, the Citizen has reported.

“When I tracked the telephone message communication between the Minister of Health and Dr Chaula, I noticed a strain in their working relationship. So to make their quarrels come to a stop, I decided to place them under the same ministry,” Dr Magufuli said.

This not the first case the President has revealed where top government officials were spied one. On Wednesday the 9th, the President also revealed that top police officials caught gold smugglers who were about to smuggle 300 kilograms of gold out of the country, because the police officers who connived with the smugglers were been spied on.

“When they got to the road block in [Kamanga Ferry], the escorting police officers lied that they were chasing the suspects. That was why I ordered that the eight be brought back to Mwanza city to face charges…They will be brought before a military court and later to a civilian court upon complete of the investigations,” he continued about what is a strategy to address corruption in Tanzania’s police force.

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