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Gov’t Blocks 700,000 Nexttel Sim Cards

Cameroon (National Times)-The Government of Cameroon has blocked 700,000 Nexttel users for failing comply with Government regulation regarding the identification of subscribers for the network.

In recent weeks, Nettel, the country’s third largest mobile telephony operator, realised that over 700,000 sim cards belonging to their customers were deactivated by the Government.

According to a circular from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, all mobile telephony companies must identify their subscribers at the time the Sim Cards are being issued.

Unconfirmed information sends to The National Times news desk holds that the joint venture between Vietnamese Viettel Global and Cameroonian BESTCAM is accused of not complying with the regulation in force which requires operators to register all their subscribers at the time the SIM cards are made available to them.

It is on this basis of this that the Government has decided to deactivate over 700,000 Nexttel Sim Cards already in use.

In 2017, the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART) fined MTN, Orange, Nexttel and Camtel FCFA 10 billion for non-compliance of their obligations related to subscriber identification and the use of radio frequencies.



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