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Over 500,000 Jobs Were Created In 2018, Biya Tells Young People

Yaoundé(National Times)-During his regular address to the youths on Sunday, February 10, Paul Biya reminded the youths of his special attachment to them and said more than 500,000 jobs were created in 2018 and promised to create 500,000 more jobs in the year 2019.

“More than 500,000 jobs were created in 2018 thanks to the ongoing major projects, agricultural, road and infrastructure projects, as well as the works carried out by regional and local authorities,” Biya asserted.

According to the 86-year-old leader, these employment opportunities have mainly been in the domain of security and defence, agriculture, industrialisation and the new information technology.

He praised the efforts of the Ministries of Youth Affairs, Employment and Vocational Training, the National Civic Service for Participation in Development and the impulse of the Limbe, Douala and Sangmelima Vocational Training Centres and said through such efforts about 4,000 projects developed by youths have been financed by the Government.

While congratulating the youths in their participation during the October 2018 Presidential election, which gave him a new mandate, Paul Biya reminded them that the future of the country cannot be built without the youths.

He cautioned them to stay away from deviant practices like drug consumption and alcohol and promised tough sanctions to defaulters.

He, however, acknowledged the fact that all these efforts have not faithfully solved the unemployment question in Cameroon. He said because of this youths are obliged to accept unskilled jobs just to remain employed. Paul Biya therefore promised better days for the Cameroonian youths and said he “would continue to encourage the Government to adopt measures to revive the economy.”

He reassured his love to the youths and said he has not abandoned them and said he would keep the promises he made at his swearing in on November 6, 2018.

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