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Abandoned, ‘Fresh’ Corpses ‘Choking’ Kumba Population

Kumba (National Times)-Abandoned Corpses of youngsters suspected to have been killed in line with the military crusade against separatists’ in English speaking Cameroon continue to put the population of Kumba, South West Region in distress daily.

In the last couple of days, such corpses riddled with bullet wounds have been spotted at different corners of the city. The most recent is the discovery of the remains of three youngsters on the main road at the Kumba II council Business Center in Kosala,  Kumba early Tuesday February 12.

The corpses lay on the road with blood oozing out of their heads. Most these have wounds on their heads.Grass is spotted covering certain body parts. Unconfirmed reports indicate that, these are persons suspected to be separatists’ fighters.

In the Kosala incident, some skeptics have raised concerns that, those killed are not separatists fighters but a mixture of mad men and former convicts who dared to move around ina deserted city under a separatists-imposed lockdown.

Before now, last weekend, there was the discovery of the corpse of another youngster in  the Mile I neighbourhood of Kumba I Sub Division. He too is said to have been gun down after a suspected battle between separatists and security forces.

Before these, there is the case of two unidentified corpses on the Laduma stretch of road in the Kumba III municipality of the same metropolis. The corpses in an advanced state of decomposition have forced commuters to abandon the road part owing to the pungent ordour  emanating from the scene.

Scenes like these were last seen in Kumba in the month of October, 2018 during the days of the presidential elections. At that time, day light clashes pitting security forces and suspected separatists’ fighters were common just as it is now.

In the night of Monday breaking Tuesday February 12, night gun battles echoed across the city of Kumba. The same was the case in the night leading to the National Youth Day Celebrations. Since the Anglophone crisis transformed into an armed conflict, no group has claimed responsibility for these killings.

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