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SW Governor Visits Razed Kumba Hospital, Minister Blames Separatists, Extends Biya’s Sympathy

Cameroon(National Times)-The Governor of Cameroon’s restive South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai is expected to visit the Kumba District Hospital today following the arson attack of the night of Sunday  breaking Monday February 11.

Okalia’s visit comes after Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi issued a statement  Monday February 11 stating that, separatists fighters burn the down the health facility. The minister’s statement sanctions that, “ a band of  secessionists rebels” carried out the attack. He said an estimated 20 individuals staged the attack.

In the statement, the minister condemned the attack on the hospital. Minister Sadi extended the sympathy of the head of state Paul Biya to the families of patients burnt alive in the inferno and those wounded.

fire at kumba District Hospital around 1AM February 11 has provoked accusations and counter accusations between government and separatists’ activists

The minister states that, the government condemns in strong terms the attack on the hospital and innocent civilians. He puts the casualties at 4 deaths, two brutally wounded. The minister puts the number of vehicles burnt at 7 and maintains that, almost the entire hospital was burnt. The vehicles the communication boss said are those of health personels.

patients stranded at night following fire outbreak at Kumba District Hospital

In the meantime, the minister said, expedient measures have been taken to ensure that, patients are transferred to other health facilities within Kumba. He said instructions have been given in this light.

Minister Rene Sadi said the government remains resolute to ensure the return of peace and the security of persons and property across the North West and South West Regions.

The minister’s statement comes in the wake of counter separatists’ activists claims that, security forces staged the attack.



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