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Despite Expiration Of Separatists’ Lockdown, Gunmen Block Kumba-Mamfe Road

Konye(National Times)-Movement along the Kumba-Mamfe highway in the South West Region of Cameroon failed to resume fully Friday February 15 one day after the expiration  of  a ten days separatists’ lockdown as unknown gunmen mounted barricades on a portion of the road beyond Diongo village in Konye Sub Division.

Throughout the early hours of the day, passengers who left Manyu, Nigeria and the North West Region to Kumba or other parts of Cameroon were left stranded. The same scenario manifested on the Kumba end of the road. No vehicles were leaving out of the metropolis.

One of the stranded passengers told The National Times that, passengers were afraid given that, no one was spotted on the road except the mounted barricades.

Scores of passengers idled for hours hundreds of meters away from the blocked portion of the road. The blockade stayed on till few minutes beyond 3PM that vehicles were saved from the hurdle.

Drivers and passengers benefited from the passage of a military armoured car. The vehicle is said to have crushed the barricades and continued its journey undisturbed.  Minutes after, the stranded vehicles queued behind the military vehicle and drove to their destination.

On Saturday February 16, traffic had resumed fully on the said stretch of road. Passengers from Bamenda and Nigeria said they had less threatening journeys to other parts of the country.


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