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Cameroon’s Legislative Assemblies Convene For March 12

Yaoundé (National Times)-Both the Upper and Lower Houses of Cameroon’s Parliament have been convened for Tuesday, March 5 for the first ordinary session for the 2019 legislative year.

This information is contained in a press signed by the Senate and National Assembly Presidents.

In the press release, Marcel Niat Njifendji of the Senate and CavayeYeguie Djibril of the National Assembly respectively said the day would begin with a formal opening session at the Ngoa Ekelle Glass House for the Lower House and at 11:00 am, while at 4:00pm, Senators and invitees would converge on the Yaoundé Conference Centre for a similar exercise.

The major highlight in the March session of the Assemblies is the election of a bureau to run the activities of the houses for the next one year. However, like in the past and since the advent of multi-party democracy in Cameroon in 1992, the CPDM with its crushing majority has always occupied all major positions including that of the Speaker of the National Assembly. With the inception of the Senate six years ago, the same status quo has been maintained.

The opening ceremonies are usually chaired by the eldest members of the house assisted by the two youngest members. After the opening ceremony elections would be organise and a full permanent bureau to run the affairs for the next one year would be voted and immediately put in place.

With no surprise expected both Niat and Cavaye are expected to maintain their positions at the helm of the Senate and the National Assembly respectively.

However, with Cameroon going through the most challenging episode in its history following an upsurge in attacks of Boko Haram in the Far North as well as kidnappings in the Adamawa and North Region, coupled with the ongoing war in the Anglophone Regions as well as the political upheavals created by the arrest and detention of the leadership of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) and growing international pressure on the Government to seek a nonviolent settlement in these political challenges, the Law makers would be expected to show proof of the carrying the people’s concern at heart by not ending the March session without a possible breakthrough.

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