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Biya Finally Travels Out Of Cameroon After Numerous Failed Attempts

Yaoundé(National Times)-According to a message released on the twitter account of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency and the Communication Service of the Presidency, President Paul Biya and wife, Chantal are traveling to Europe for a “short private stay.”

Further details about their stay were not given and their actual destination was not also mentioned.

Unlike similar situations, a formal signed press release by the Director of Civil Cabinet at the Presidency was not also released to announce the departure of the Presidential couple.

It was a surprise to many especially in Yaoundé as late on Sunday roads were suddenly blocked with the imposing presence of soldiers and snipers from the Presidential Guards spotted all around the corner.

It was then that many realised that Paul Biya and wife were making another geographical mutation.

The President, who was looking visibly tired has not been able to travel out of the country for the past ninr months.

The last time Paul Biya stepped out of Cameroon was in September 2018 to attend the China-Africa Summit. Since then, successive Presidential trips have been cancelled after they were leaked to the public, sometimes with very intimate details about his sojourn abroad.

This has ensured that aggrieved Cameroonians based abroad have always planned mass protests to thwart the stay of the 86- year-old President.

Afraid of embarrassment and the fear of unknown in a continent where his security operatives are unable to guarantee his security like in Cameroon, Paul Biya was forced to cancel such trips. Only time would tell whether the famous Brigade Anti-Sardinard (BAS) would engage Paul Biya and wife or not for a showdown in Europe.

Paul Biya is also travelling at a time when he is becoming very unpopular abroad owing to the gross human rights abuses of soldiers deployed to the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon as well as his heavy crackdown on opposition party officials, especially the likes of Maurice Kamto and peers.



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