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Fru Ndi’s Hard Points On Anglophone Crisis That Ruffled Dion Ngute

Bamenda(National Times)-Opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party has presented a testament of four strongly worded points to visiting Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, which they consider to be the magic solution to what has become known as the Ambazonia war.

Speaking to the press after an in camera meeting with the Prime Minister on Friday, Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon, said SDF has presented four points to Dion Ngute, which if applied, would restore peace to Anglophone Cameroon.

In the presence of Chairman Fru Ndi, Hon Nchinda said SDF has told Dion Ngute to inform Paul Biya to call for a general ceasefire, release all those he called political prisoners, appoint a mediator and invite international observers to guarantee the fairness of the peace process.

Moreover, the MP revealed that the party has proposed its Chairman, Fru Ndi to play the role of an impartial mediator who would talk to Ambazonia advocates, federalists and the Government of Cameroon.

According to SDF, Dion Ngute has promised to brief Paul Biya once he regains Yaoundé.

It is to be noted that these same conditions had been proposed to former Prime Minister, Philemon Yang but close to three years, none of the points have been implemented and the war goes on with civilians paying the price.


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