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Cameroon Born and Raised Lana El Sahely, Gives Fashion a new Face

Washington (National Times) – Born and raised in Cameroon, the beautiful, powerful and enterprising Lana El Sahely, is changing the fashion industry with her focus on eclectics and beauty.

Born into a Lebanese business and fashion family in Cameroon, Lana grew up in the Central African country before leaving to studying at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon where she completed her BA in Economics.  According to Cosmopolitan, she “grew up inspired by her mother’s passion for fashion.”


Speaking about her family, Lana told Cosmopolitan that “Having a peaceful relationship with the rest of the world is very important. There’s so much aggression and negativity out there, and I look at our family and we’ve never looked at the world in this way.  We don’t judge others and I think it’s nice. I think the kind way we deal with other people is one of the best things they [her parents] taught us.”

What separates Lana from other models and entrepreneurs is her philosophy of eclectics, combining things of different forms, colour and shape. Based on this sense of eclecticism, the Cameroonian-Lebanese has emerged as one of the most famous bloggers and influencers in fashion industry.

With an eye on harmony and the strength of beauty, Lana decided to combine her passion for fashion and writing to start a blog, l’Armoire de Lana in 2010. She has managed to transform the blog into a hub for style lovers around the region.

She says “My blog is a peephole into a beautiful world of fashion, beauty, health and travel. Throughout the years, I was fortunate enough to develop strong and lasting relationships with all sorts of designers, brands and artists whom I have supported via my various social media platforms. As part of my blogging journey, I have developed a special interest in designer collaborations”.

In 2016, the fashion blogger decided to launch an eShop. “Launching an eShop was the natural next step. Instead of creating a brand of my own, I decided to work with various of [my] favorite designers and brands to offer [my] readers and followers a beautiful selection of fashion, beauty, jewelry and household items. And although it has been tremendously challenging, after nine months of hard work the pieces have finally come to life”.

Lana does not only write about the beauty of fashion, she adorns them with her adorable body and sees clothes as a gateway to our soul. In June 2017 international makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, handpick Lana for a special editorial in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia .


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