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PM Dion Ngute ‘Respects’ Ghost Town, Begins SW Peace-Visit On Tuesday

Buea (National Times)-Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute’s peace-visit to the restive South West Region is programmed to begin on Tuesday May 14th. The itinerary has left observers with the impression that, the Prime Minister tactfully dodged Monday reputed for civil disobedience across English-speaking Cameroon since the Anglophone Crisis went deadly.

According to an unofficial program for the visit to the South West which The National Times stumbled on, the Prime Minister will tour the cities  of Buea, Limbe and Kumba.

On Tuesday May 14th, authorities of the South West will receive Dion Ngute will at the Moungo Bridge  around 11 AM. He is programmed to arrive Buea at 12 noon. He will grant audiences from 2PM to 8PM. The same exercise will continue in the morning  of the next day till 11:30 AM.

The Limbe lap  of Wednesday May 15th will begin with a working session at 1PM. The Head of Government will then return to Buea at 3PM. Here, audiences will resume till 8PM.

On Thursday May 16th, the convoy of Dion Ngute  will head  for kumba at 9AM. A working session is programmed here from 11 AM  to 1PM.  The  peace-messenger  of  president Biya will head back to Buea where audiences will resume from 5PM to 8PM. The visit to the  South West ends on Friday May 17th  after brief audiences  between 8AM to 11AM.

The tour comes amid  unpopular calls for ghosts towns across the week from separatists to frustrate the visit. However, counter campaigns against such appeals have equally heightened. The South West tour appears to be more challenging for the Head of Government given that he has to reach out to people in three towns.

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