How the US mid-term elections could affect the ongoing Anglophone crisis

November 6, 2018 Mukete Beyongo 0

Americans are heading to the polls to elect members to the US Congress and governors on the same day that Cameroonians will see their incumbent President Pual Biya sworn in for the seventh time. While these events may seem remotely connected, the outcomes of the mid-term elections in the US will likely affect how Biya governs Cameroon in the next two years.

Why is president Biya posting messages of congratulations from foreign leaders on social media?

November 1, 2018 Mukete Beyongo 0

This denial to recognize his value, his personality, Monsieur Le President, should partly explains why Biya is posting messages of congratulations from foreign leaders. These messages are usually posted by the president or officials sending them, rather than the president receiving them. But in the case of Cameroon, Biya needs them to tell Cameroonians, someone somewhere recognise my existence, values me, my personality as “Monsieur Le President du Cameroun”.

From Archived: What possible outcomes to expect after the elections?

October 10, 2018 Mukete Beyongo 0

From the Archived: Cameroonians are bracing for the results of October 07 Presidential election, in a climate wreaked with instability and uncertainty. Even as we await the unlikely “possible” return to stability in the country after the presidential elections, we should also ask what other possible outcomes we can expect in light of the current social, economic and political developments in the country.

Does the Electoral Code permit anyone, other than the Constitutional Council, to publish election results?

October 9, 2018 Mukete Beyongo 0

As Cameroonians brace for the results of the October 7 polls, questions and criticisms are flooding the air over who is legally permitted to announce elections results, with government, ELECAM, and CPDM officials insisting the Constitutional Council is the only organ legally permitted to announce election results, as such who ever, besides the Council, does same is breaking the law.

Is China taking over Zambia?

October 4, 2018 Mukete Beyongo 0

China’s relationship with Zambia, has come under “new” and heavy criticisms since 03 September this year, after a report by Africa Confidential that the Zambian government plans to sell strategic state-owned Zambian corporations to Chinese companies because Zambia is unable repay its debts to China.

Why you should be offended with the military’s babaric execution of two children in the Far North

August 21, 2018 Mukete Beyongo 0

The conscience of Cameroon is rising faster than at any time, after a video wafted online, showing Cameroonian soldiers killing two children in Krawa-Mafa in the Far North. They were shot in their heads by the Nation’s defence forces laying 12.45 inches from each other. Blood from the children’s head flow like nothing the country has seen since the 36 years rule of the current president.

Here are three reasons why our conscience should rise even faster, for we should all be deeply offended by this particular barbarity. (345 more words)